• St.Patricks Day Wedding
    Do All's Video DJ set-up.
    Reception at Flanders Valley Farm in Flanders NJ.
  • DJ Dave Wedding 2016
    Do All's Video DJ set-up.
    Reception at Flanders Valley Farm in Flanders NJ.
  • DJ Jess
    Spinning Music Videos all night.
    Bourbon Street, NYC .
    Every Saturday Night Starting 9:30PM.
  • DJ Chelli
    Rockin' Tir na Nog at Madison Square Garden NYC!
  • DJ Johnny
    Always a Good Time!
  • DJ Jess
    EDM "All Night" NEW YORK CITY and loving it!
    See DJ Jess in "Meet The DJs/VJs"
  • DJ Pete Manfredo
    Tir na Nog Times Square NYC!

Video Jukebox

Our Music/Video DJ In A Box!


Own a club, bar or restaurant? Do All Multi-Media's Music/Video Jukebox is the answer to your music needs.

As a bar/restaurant owner, finding entertainment and having the right music is one of the most important components in your venue. Do All Multi Media has found an easy solution. Imagine having a DJ or all the famous artists performing at your facilty 24 hours a day/7 days a week, at the fraction of the cost of a DJ for 4 hours. We are proud to introduce our Music/Video Jukebox. This powerful concept of music, video, karaoke, marketing, music trivia and media interaction will give your patrons an eye catching experience and turn your costumers into your number one audience and increase your sales!


With Do All's comprehensive library consisting of all genres of music, each system comes with thousands of high quality videos and music from the fourties right through to today’s hottest hits which are updated every week. We are constantly following all top charts world wide to ensure the latest releases get to your system!

You can choose from hundreds of music categories which we automatically update or make your own customized playlists specific to your needs. Weekly music updates are downloaded automatically onto your system. It’s that easy.

All media is mixed non-stop. Just like the DJs do it!

Here's what you can get:

  • Audio Music

    • Just like a regular music jukebox, but you get to choose from hundreds of preset playlists or make your own that consist of thousands of songs all mixed seemlessly non-stop! You can also program it to play a custom photo montage of your choosing automatically when a music file is playing.

  • Music Videos

    • A unique mix of music videos performed by the original artists when they originally came out. With hundreds of playlists to choose from using a mix of current hits and iconic classics, it will suit any audience and age group. Your guests will never want to leave. You can also program it to play audio files that you can set up to play with a photomontage and or advertisements. It has endless possibilities with additional media plug-ins that are available.

      All of Do All Multi-Media music videos are tagged with awesome information about the song. (Example, Artist Name, Title, Record Label, and When The Song Hit The Charts.)

  • Advertisement

    • Keep you costumers informed by advertisting your entertainment schedule right on your own televison network. You can also have your venders advertise and pay you for the advertsing of their product! If you get enough advertisers the system will pay for itself!

  • News Ticker

    • Yes, the same news ticker you see on the news! Custom make your ticker to say anything you want. Keep your cutomers up-to-date with information such as drink specials, entertainment you can even wish that special someone a "Happy Birthday". You change it at anytime. Create and save your costumized tickers in your library to use again and again.

  • Costumer Interaction

    • With a custom plug-in from Pangolin your customers can virtually interact in real time. With music trivia, text to screen for communication with other guests, they can even join in on a voting system that you custom make for any type of voting.

  • Custom Logo Animation

    • 3D animation or graphics of your logo or monogram displayed on the video screens. Have your logo watermark displayed on video screens just like the major networks. Your guest will think you have your own video channel.

  • Photo Montages

    • The system will automatically put together a beautiful montage of your photos with music and display them on the screens for your costumers to enjoy.

  • Text To Screen Chat

    • This is a feature allowing people in the crowd to text shout-outs, rants, raves, and more to the screens set up in a venue, conversing with friends and fellow crowd members. Great for live events.

  • Costumer Events

    • If you have a private event going on. This powerful system can customize the event just for your client. If your client has their own slide show...No Problem! Just have them put it on any media format, plug it in the system and away you go!

  • Wireless High Definition Transmission

    • Have Monitors that can't be reached? No Problem! We can broadcast to monitors any where in the room, even in a different room all in High Definition. All done with no wires!







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(Click on Trending To See Our Full Event Calender)


The Picco Tavern (Every Thursday)

(Video DJ Chelli) It's Ladies Night at Picco's Tavern! (80s ~ 90s ~ 2K) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to Picco's website for performance schedule.)

The Picco Tavern (Every Friday)

VJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Classic Music Videos from the (70s ~ 80s ~ 90s) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to Picco's website for performance schedule.)

Twin Door Tavern

VJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Classic Music Videos from the (70s ~ 80s ~ 90s) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to The Door Tavern website for performance schedule.)

The Crow's Nest

VJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Classic Music Videos from the (70s ~ 80s ~ 90s) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to The Crow's Nest website for performance schedule.)

La Reggia

Our DJ's Playing music from the 50's thru today. A nice place to socialize and have fun! 8pm-12am (Go to La Reggia's website for performance schedule.)


Video DJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Brings his 80's Night Show. Come see all the classic 80's music videos! (Go to Trending for performance schedule.)

Tavern Off The Green

DJ Mary DiMuccio Spinnin' all the tunes from 9:30pm-1:30am (Go to Trending for performance schedule.)


Every Monday

Grasshopper Off The Green

See Video DJ Jess or Mary at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Spinnin' Classic Music Videos In the main bar.

Every Thursday

Grasshopper Off The Green

See VJ Mary at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Spinnin' Music Videos and Enjoy Bar Pong Tournament in The Upstairs Room.

Every Thursday & Friday

Tir Na Nog Times Square

See DJ Chelli Spinning Classic Music Videos at the Tir na Nog in New York City Times Square.

Every Friday & Saturday

Tito Murphy's Cantina And Kitchen

See VJ Jess Spinning Classic Music Videos.

Every Friday

Grasshopper Off The Green

Video DJ Party at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Three Levels Of Fun!

Every Saturday

The Gossip Bar & Restaurant

See our Video DJs Spinning Awesome Beats at The Gossip Bar & Restaurant 9th Avenue Manhattan, NYC