• St.Patricks Day Wedding
    Do All's Video DJ set-up.
    Reception at Flanders Valley Farm in Flanders NJ.
  • DJ Dave Wedding 2016
    Do All's Video DJ set-up.
    Reception at Flanders Valley Farm in Flanders NJ.
  • DJ Jess
    Spinning Music Videos all night.
    Bourbon Street, NYC .
    Every Saturday Night Starting 9:30PM.
  • DJ Chelli
    Rockin' Tir na Nog at Madison Square Garden NYC!
  • DJ Johnny
    Always a Good Time!
  • DJ Jess
    EDM "All Night" NEW YORK CITY and loving it!
    See DJ Jess in "Meet The DJs/VJs"
  • DJ Pete Manfredo
    Tir na Nog Times Square NYC!

Fequently Asked Questions

1). Is Do All DJ's a full time DJ Service ?

The answer is YES! We do not just do a few odd parties on weekends and return phone calls during the evening. We are a full time licensed DJ company, with an office staff that will answer your questions during the daytime when you call. Our office hours are: 10:00am to 8:00pm Monday - Thursday. DO ALL has performed at thousands of events since 1981. That's the kind of experience you want, and NEED at your event!

2). Do You Sub-contract the events ?

NO! We do not subcontract your party out to another DJ company. Some mobile DJ companies purposely overbook and then sell bookings to other DJs. That means you don't know WHO you're getting. If you book DO ALL MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, you really get DO ALL MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCTIONS!

3). Is Do All Licensed & Insured ?

We meet the licensing requirements of (A.S.C.A.P., B.M. I. & S.E.S.A.C..) This is a required license that every DJ or Entertainer MUST HAVE! Unfortunately, most DJs don't have it! This may cause you and the DJ a problem at your event if they do not have this license. They may be told to shut down and or pay a fine. (Most facilities that have entertainment already pay for and have the required license. This does not mean the entertainment does not have to have one either.

We carry liability & comprehensive insurance that covers us at every event we perform for. We will even provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request, and can add you or your company as an additional insured for a small fee.

4). Do you have references & can I see the DJ perform at another event ?

You can go to our Testimonial Section of our web site, to see what our past clients had to say about us. This, we feel is the best way for you to see the actual reference. We can set up a meeting. (WEDDINGS ONLY!) You can view videos. When viewing the videos, just keep in mind that you are viewing someone else's event. The music and performance you will see was for that client. SO ALL WE ASK IS FOR YOU TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND WHEN VIEWING ALL VIDEOS. 

We do not allow any of our potential clients or clients to see us perform at someone else's event. This is not fair to the clients that we are performing for and we are sure that you would not want strange people coming to your event to see us at your party. This is strictly enforced! Besides, it is not a professional thing to do and you just can't peek in for a few minutes, the event is usually four hours long and to get good idea you really would have to stay for a couple hours.

If you insist on seeing the DJ perform, the only thing we can recommend is to come see us perform at some local restaurants/bars/nightclubs. Those events are public not private, but once again our job at those venues are for that client. (KEEP AN OPEN MIND!) You must call our office to get a schedule of performance dates and let us know you are coming

5). How early do you set up ?
We set up our equipment approximately a 1/2 hour to 1 hour prior to the start time on the contract. The DJ carrying equipment through your guests and doing sound checks while your guests are entering the room is not our idea of an elegant reception. And unlike other companies, there is NO extra charge for set-up and break down.

6). Does Do All Dress Appropriately ?

We wear tuxedos or taylor to dress for your event! Our DJ set up is clean and free of obscure wires! If you feel that the DJ should not be dressed in a Tuxedo, just let us know and we come dressed to your liking.

7). The TIP/Gratuity question...

We do not put out a "tip jar", nor do we solicit tips from your guests. We are well paid for our services, and at the end of the night if you feel we performed in an outstanding way, any gratuity (although not expected) is at your sole discretion.

8). Back-up equipment and DJs.

We have back-up equipment, vehicles, and DJs to ensure that we're there for you. Since our beginnings in 1981 we have encountered everything from car accidents to automobile failures, snow storms, equipment failures, sickness and broken bones. Because we set up early and have emergency back-up DJ's, equipment, vehicles, and personnel standing by, none of them kept us from performing at our scheduled event!

You as the client will always be kept informed on any emergency.

The only unfortunate part is if you requested a certain DJ to perform at your event and something happens to that DJ, he would be unable to perform. Do All has a policy that all the DJ's give a 100% effort at every occasion! If the DJ feels that he cannot perform up to your expectation because he may be ill, he may want to consider the back up. (Just keep in mind that he/she is looking out for your best interest and we don't think you would like a sick or disabled DJ at your party.) We are aware that you may not be happy about this situation, but it does happen and we are sure that you would be even more upset the DJ did not meet up to your expectations or if no DJ never arrived! The back-up DJ is a Do All Multi-Media Production employee that is on a rotation basis and is just as qualified as all the other DJ's in our company. He/she will make sure that your special event goes just as great!

9). What kind of equipment do you use ?

No home-made sound systems here... we use all the best name brands in professional DJ equipment. Names like Apple Computers, RCF, Peavey, JBL, Numark, Pioneer, Denon, Fuhrman, QSC, Shure, Audio Technica, and Yamaha. The equipment is well maintained for appearance and clean wonderful sound at all volume levels.

10). Do you play a variety of music for all age groups and will you discuss our music needs?

We carry music for grandma & grandpa all the way up to the little grandchildren. A good variety of new and old music, fast and slow music, and requests from you and your guests will ensure that everyone has fun at your party! Whether it's Big Band, 50's & 60's, Rock n' Roll, Disco, Rap, Dance, Hip Hop, EDM, or beyond, we have what it takes to keep your party moving! If you have some time, check out our song lists. Do All wants to know what kind of music you want for your event; it's your party you tell us.

We will contact you the week of your event to go over all your party details, including the music.

11). Will you travel ?

We serve the Tri-State area and we will travel anywhere! Even though we are a New Jersey base company, we have performed in a number states! States like Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts! Of course, travel charges may apply, but you can take our high quality show anywhere you need it!

12). What kind of payment do you accept ?

We accept Cash, Check, Money Orders, Certified Checks, Visa, MasterCard and Pay Pal. We can Mail, Fax or e-mail you information, or even contracts.? Booking us is "Easy!" Once you send us the information we need to generate a contract, we will e-mail you the contract and a short note on how to complete the depost and or payments. If you are booking last minute, NO PROBLEM, we can FAX or E-MAIL a contract to you and you can put the deposit on your credit card or PayPal.

13). Is there sales tax on DJ Entertainment ?

No, there is no sales tax on DJ Entertainment in the state of NJ, NY, PA, Conn. and Del. If you find a DJ Service that charges sales tax, DO NOT BOOK THEM! Report them to the local State Sales Tax Authority.

14). Booking Information ?

Do All Disc Jockeys operate with contracts/agreements to ensure your booking with us. In order to process the booking of the party, we will need a deposit to secure the date. The deposit amount is usually 40%-50% of the total amount of the contract. The deposit is non-refundable!

Deposits are necessary, because we will be holding a DJ for you. The DJ will not be accepting any other contracts for that date. If you decide to cancel the contract, the DJ will be out of work and we will not be able to refund the deposit. This is why the deposits are non-refundable.

Once you have booked Do All Disc Jockeys, we will contact you the week of the scheduled event to confirm all arrangements.


15). Am I Obligated to feed the DJ ?

No, you are not obligated to feed the DJ. However, you can offer a meal of some sort while everyone else is eating. This is a kind gesture only. The hired help should not eat with your guests and should find an alternate room or location.

Keep in mind that the DJ is playing non-stop music for the duration of the event, including the meals. That means he may not have time to eat.

16). How do I handle overtime ?

Your DJ should have discussed that with you prior to your event or at the contract signing. It should also be part of your contract. Keep in mind that only you, the client can authorize the DJ to stay the overtime and be sure to have the permission of the catering hall prior to asking the DJ!

If the check you have prepared for the DJ does not cover the overtime then the DJ has the option of accepting cash or check. Usually, it is best to have the cash available and to pay the DJ when you ask him to stay.

17). Does the DJ advertise at my event ?

None of the Do All Entertainers uses a sign, banners or displays at your event! Having
business cards available next to the DJ is fine. We do not put any business
cards or brochures on any of the guest tables either. Our DJ's performance is usually the biggest part of our advertisement. If a guest liked the performance they can see the DJ for a card or get in touch with you after the event.

18). Does the DJ play loud music?

NO...We rather have your guests tell us to make it louder not lower! Do All will bring in the right sound system to accommodate the size of the room.

For example:

The bigger the room the large the sound system. The smaller the room, the smaller the sound system. Little speakers in a big room means the DJ would have to play the system louder to fill the room. The result would be? distorted loud music.


(Click on Trending To See Our Full Event Calender)


The Picco Tavern (Every Thursday)

(Video DJ Chelli) It's Ladies Night at Picco's Tavern! (80s ~ 90s ~ 2K) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to Picco's website for performance schedule.)

The Picco Tavern (Every Friday)

VJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Classic Music Videos from the (70s ~ 80s ~ 90s) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to Picco's website for performance schedule.)

Twin Door Tavern

VJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Classic Music Videos from the (70s ~ 80s ~ 90s) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to The Door Tavern website for performance schedule.)

The Crow's Nest

VJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Classic Music Videos from the (70s ~ 80s ~ 90s) 8:30pm - 12:30am (Go to The Crow's Nest website for performance schedule.)

La Reggia

Our DJ's Playing music from the 50's thru today. A nice place to socialize and have fun! 8pm-12am (Go to La Reggia's website for performance schedule.)


Video DJ Pete Manfredo (VJ Style) Brings his 80's Night Show. Come see all the classic 80's music videos! (Go to Trending for performance schedule.)

Tavern Off The Green

DJ Mary DiMuccio Spinnin' all the tunes from 9:30pm-1:30am (Go to Trending for performance schedule.)


Every Monday

Grasshopper Off The Green

See Video DJ Jess or Mary at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Spinnin' Classic Music Videos In the main bar.

Every Thursday

Grasshopper Off The Green

See VJ Mary at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Spinnin' Music Videos and Enjoy Bar Pong Tournament in The Upstairs Room.

Every Thursday & Friday

Tir Na Nog Times Square

See DJ Chelli Spinning Classic Music Videos at the Tir na Nog in New York City Times Square.

Every Friday & Saturday

Tito Murphy's Cantina And Kitchen

See VJ Jess Spinning Classic Music Videos.

Every Friday

Grasshopper Off The Green

Video DJ Party at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Three Levels Of Fun!

Every Saturday

The Gossip Bar & Restaurant

See our Video DJs Spinning Awesome Beats at The Gossip Bar & Restaurant 9th Avenue Manhattan, NYC