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What ever size event you are having Do All Multi-Media Productions has a lighting package for You! Just keep in mind that lighting doesn't make the party. THE DJ DOES. Professional lighting is essential to the overall presentation of a large meeting and event productions. Event lighting can help boost energy, focus attention, and enhance retention by providing a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of your events. Do All Multi-Media Productions provides a full range of professional lighting fixtures and services, from a simple effects tocomplex Intelligent lighting.

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Listed below you will see three lighting packages that you can book with your DJ/VJ package. If you are not sure what package you want, feel free to telephone us at 973.252.9966 or instant message us on Facebook.

There are many different combinations of lights that you could put together so each package has a price range.

Lighting Package 1

Two non-intelligent lights:

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$50-$150 Range

Lighting Package 1

This is recommended for smaller events. Includes two basic DJ Lights that throw out all different color beams of light. The lights do rotate to the beat of music.



Lighting Package 2

Non-intel lights with Up-Lighting:

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$150-$500 Range

Lighting Package 2

This is recommended for any size event. This includes what's in package #1 along with beautiful uplighting. The uplighting can aluminate any size room with beautiful colors of your choice. Although up-lighting is not considered "intelligent lighting", it does have a controller that can be programmed to change the colors through out the event.

Check out package #3.

Lighting Package 3

Intelligent lights with Up-Lighting:

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$500.00 & Up Range

Lighting Package 3

This is recommended for larger events. This includes what's in package #2 along with awesome intelligent LED lighting. Intelligent lighting refers to stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. Although the most advanced intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects, the intelligence lies with Do All's programmer. We can program them to project your company logo, guests of honors name or the bride & grooms name, basically anything you desire!. For this reason, our lighting programmer is included.













Just a few of our huge lighting effects

uplight04 gobo revorave
aggressor melenium dualgem optim example vertigo example02 par

Do All Multi-Media Productions has over 30 years in the business, thats the kind of company you want!


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