• St.Patricks Day Wedding
    Do All's Video DJ set-up.
    Reception at Flanders Valley Farm in Flanders NJ.
  • DJ Dave Wedding 2016
    Do All's Video DJ set-up.
    Reception at Flanders Valley Farm in Flanders NJ.
  • DJ Jess
    Spinning Music Videos all night.
    Bourbon Street, NYC .
    Every Saturday Night Starting 9:30PM.
  • DJ Chelli
    Rockin' Tir na Nog at Madison Square Garden NYC!
  • DJ Johnny
    Always a Good Time!
  • DJ Jess
    EDM "All Night" NEW YORK CITY and loving it!
    See DJ Jess in "Meet The DJs/VJs"
  • DJ Pete Manfredo
    Tir na Nog Times Square NYC!

About Us

Our History and Always Innovated!

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When we started back in 1981, the original name of our company was Do All Disc Jockeys. Our clients who know us for years still call us "Do All DJs". We were the first established DJ company in the tri-state area. We made the industry to what it is today and we are the trend-setters. We are proud to say that we have always stayed one step ahead in the DJ industry and we continue to do it today.

In the early 80's, like so many other DJ's, we used records and cassette tapes to play our music. In the mid to upper 80's, Compact Disc (CD's) came along and DO ALL was the first to DJ events with CD's!

Back in those days what separated the professional DJ's from the amateur DJ's was the professionals had to know what music to buy, where to buy and what to play at the events. We had to travel many miles and go to numerous record stores in search for the music that we needed to play. Remember there was no internet back then.

When the controversial 90's came along, the internet boom was here and we all remember "Napster". As professional DJ's, we were realizing at this point that anyone had access to a unlimited source of music. This, in some way we knew would have a seriously bad affect on the Professional DJ industry. (Which it did!) Now anyone was able to get the music. The only problem was the amateur DJ did not have the equipment to play the music, didn't have the "Know How" and there was no source to play the music that was downloaded. Do ALL on the other hand, still went out to the local stores and bought their music, legally. Realizing that one day, in the near future that there would be ways to play downloaded music from the internet, we had to think ahead again.

Once again DO ALL has changed the industry!

We would change all that in the new Millennium!

Since the 1980's DO ALL has had a stock pile of music videos, and we always dreamed of playing these music videos at parties and weddings, but there was no way to play them at events. We were hoping that someday we can. WELL THAT DAY IS NOW AND ONCE AGAIN DO ALL STARTED IT ALL!

In the year 1999, DO ALL MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCTIONS officially started what is know today as the "Video DJ". This powerful concept of music & videos adds a new dimension to the atmosphere of the party. With DVD's and or powerful computers Video DJ's are now sweeping the nation.


To see more about Video DJ's, check out our exclusive Video DJ Section.

What the future holds?

Who knows what the future holds? We can guarantee that Do All will always be one step beyond the rest and you will know it first from us!


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Every Thursday

Grasshopper Off The Green

See DJ Jess at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Spinnin' Music Videos and Enjoy Bar Pong Tournament in The Upstairs Room.

Every Thursday

Tir Na Nog Times Square

See DJ Chelli Spinning Classic Music Videos at the Tir na Nog in New York City Times Square

Every Thursday

Tir na Nog @ MSG

Video DJ Dance Party at Tir na Nog 31st Street @ MSG NYC

Every Friday

Grasshopper Off The Green

See DJ Jess (Video DJ Party) at the Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown NJ. Three Levels Of Fun!

Every Friday

Grasshopper Too

See VJ Mary at The Grasshopper Too, Wayne , NJ

Every Saturday

The Gossip Bar & Restaurant

See our Video DJs Spinning Awesome Beats at The Gossip Bar & Restaurant 9th Avenue Manhattan, NYC